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In Piedmontese dialect, the word ‘piola’ is the village ‘osteria’, the place where you can eat traditional dishes and drink an abundance of local wine.

Hidden behind the term, however, lies a deeper meaning, describing a sensation: in piola, you go to be together, to have fun. The convivial atmosphere, almost family-like, is the perfect complement to the food on the table and the wine in the glasses.

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So, when in 2005 the Ceretto family chose to open a place that offers the typical cuisine of the Langhe, the choice dictated the name. Not "a" piola but "the" Piola, a testament to the desire to be faithful interpreters of a culinary tradition that has made the Langhe one of the most famous in the world for the quality of food.



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Oggiono (Lc) on 16/04/1974
"Always passionate about cooking, in 1991 he obtained the certificate of assistant chef at the hotel management school of Como Monte Olimpino. Training: The Albereta of Gualtiero Marchesi, the Miramonti in Concesio (BS), Righi la Taverna in San Marino, Da Candida in Campione d’Italia, Cavallo Bianc in Aosta, La Terrazza of Via Palestro in Milan. "One of my greatest fortunes was to have Luciano Tona as a teacher (current head of education at ALMA), who immediately instilled in me the philosophy of haute cuisine. Thanks to the passion of the Ceretto family, and the determination of Enrico Crippa, I am able to express myself in “Piola”. For me, it’s the best restaurant in the Langhe."


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S. Stefano Belbo (CN) on 12/07/1976
He went to the hotel school in Barolo directed by Don Gianoglio from 1990/1992. After finishing school, he went into the realm of Antonio Verro and Claudia Francalanci of La Contea in Neive where he learnt the ropes about everything a person in the industry should know. With his wife he then opened a place in Alba (Retrogusto Wine Cafe) in which he obtained some personal experience that taught him how to be an owner. He has been in charge of La Piola since 2008

Here, at La Piola, the menu is written on a daily basis with chalk on the big blackboard in the main dining room:

it follows the market and the seasons, and therefore changes often. A blackboard seemed to be the ideal solution.

Just at its doorstep is the historic center of Alba, with its wine shops, fruit and vegetables markets, and butchers with expert hands. And just beyond, are the hills of the Langhe, the oaks trees that hide truffles, the artisans using fresh milk to produce cheese, and the forests of hazelnuts.
In the words of the father of French cuisine Auguste Escoffier, no dish will ever be better than the worst of its ingredients: this principle also guides the chef Dennis Panzeri, in the kitchen at La Piola.
Here, in fact, the suppliers, both passionate and meticulous, are the same as those behind the project of Piazza Duomo, one floor above: the tradition and modern kitchens have the same basis, and a common imprinted theme from the collaboration with Enrico Crippa.

Events at
La Piola

You can find the menu both lunch and dinner from January 9 to February 24, 2017:


Langhe tradition of offal and intestines

Fritto Misto alla Piemontese

‘Fritto Misto alla Piemontese’ (Piedmontese mixed fry-up) vegetables, meat, fruit and dessert in the traditional way


Head, veal flank, tongue, Biancostato, ‘Cotechino’ (typical boiled salami) and chicken accompanied by Piedmontese "Bagnet" (typical red sauce made from tomatoes and garlic)

Il Risotto

Every week a Risotto of Piedmont Cuisine Tradition

Bagna Caòda

With winter vegetables from the garden of Enrico Crippa
Bookings essential: 0173/442800 -


Give a lunch or dinner at Piola. Choose the menu that most prefer

3 courses
3 glasses of wine

55 €

4 courses
4 glasses of wine

75 € without truffle


Neither good food nor art should be exceptions in life or preclude the other:

both can be experiences that make their way into everyday life, making it richer. In Piola, each of 36 plates depict works of art made specifically for La Piola by nine famous American artists: Donald Baechler, James Brown, Robert Indiana, Terry Winters, Philip Taaffe, Kiki Smith, Lynn Davies, John Baldessari and Thomas Nozkowski. A tribute to the Ceretto family’s love for the arts, and a twist on the tradition of the ‘Piatti del Buon Ricordo’, an Italian tradition where you would take away your plate at the end of a meal to remember it, that was used in the Italian restaurants in the '60s and' 70s.


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La Piola

Arco SAS di Enrico Crippa e C.
PIVA (Vat) 03013820042
Rea n. 255372 C.C.I.A.A. Cuneo

Tel. +39 0173.442800

Piazza Risorgimento, 4 - 12051 - Alba (Cn)

Opening hours:
Lunch from 12.15
Dinner from 19.15

Closed: Sunday
and in October and November open for Sunday lunch